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8 ball: Use the 15 balls set . It is a game for two players or teams. Each team must enter the balls that correspond ( striped or solid ) , and then enter the 8 ball to win the game.

9 Ball : This game only uses the first nine balls set . The aim is to introduce the 9-ball in one of the holes , except that you need to hit the first ball smaller number . This does not preclude the other balls can be introduced too. The number of players is undetermined. There are variations that follow the same rules with different number of balls and ball target. These are: 6 ball Bola 7 and 10 ( in 10-Ball there are several rules that if they change ) .Continuous Pool : There are many variations of this game, these variants have in common the fact that the 15 balls (smooth , striped and 8 ) are "equal " .

8 Free : It's a variant of continuous pool actually is a hybrid mode between 8 and continuous pool , is based on the first brew eight ball ( either [ even the black ball , here is a ball any ] except white obviously) winner is proclaimed. The rule is accepted victory when hitting the last ball and made ​​white, if it hits the black and Slam Dunks standard black situation does not apply and the shooter is victorious.

Rotation: The ball must be hit in numerical order. Each ball is worth its number printed on points. Who earns the most points at the end.

Chicago is played with balls of 5 to 15 , all are placed consecutively in the bands except the ball 5 which goes in the center . The balls are getting so ascendant, and the amount will be obtained depending on the ball, if you enter 5, the same amount of points, in the same way will be obtained if the player hits the ball which should lose the number of points corresponding to the ball .

Sung : Consists put a ball in turn and must be that early, it has been announced . If that ball goes into another hole , not worth , if they get no other balls are worth.

Rear Buchaca Nine Ball is a variation of the " 9-Ball " , in which the player who starts the game is assigned the lower right where you have to dunk buchaca "9" . The lower left buchaca is assigned to the opponent.

1 and 15: Two players . 15 Ball Game " American 8-Ball " each ball takes the value as nominal , and can only hole out larger or smaller value found in the table, committed a foul, used standing on fly below the point the last ball pocketed by the player who committed the foul , the first player to surpass 60 points is the winner .

Listing / Listing Tapada : undefined Players . Each player chooses a specific ball , which he calls his " record " (or are chosen randomly with 15 numbers on a boat, in the case of Listing Tapada ) the object of the game is to pocket their own " record " ( with is gained automatically ) but can only hit the ball closer to the Minga , should be pocketed his " record " the player loses the probability of winning , but do not automatically lose , because they can suck holing " record " to generate a clear draw, in such case , it goes to a second round where reassembling , leaving them " chips " and automatically doubled the bet. The armed balls is given by putting the chips in the rack and the other balls in random order around . Faults are paid to " Ball in hand " .

Black Pool : 2 or 4 players. Exactly the same rules as " 8-Ball " with the only difference that you have to pocket the 8 ball into the pocket where the last ball is holed before shooting the 8-ball .

New York : 3 players. The first player takes the "First " calls balls are 1 to 5, the second player takes calls " Second " from 6 to 10, and the third player the " Third " from 11 to 15 . The goal is to pocket all the balls of both opponents , regardless of the order . The faults are paid by removing the table ( pocketing ) a ball itself. The first player to run out of balls out of the game , leaving the remaining 2 , and is going to take, in the next game , the " Third " , the player remains at the end will be the winner, which carries the "First " in the next game.

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